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We are now selling LK 10 HM kills. For more details, visit the following link:

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Signs of the impending Cataclysm, without a doubt. We're still recruiting a few gifted players to round out our roster for Cataclysm.
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Grats everyone. Still looking for some talented healers in addition to our other posted need.
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We are still recruiting 2 talented healers of any class for the upcoming Cataclysm. We are currently farming content with offspec healers, including Halion 25. We need a good healer to grab his balls (or analogous parts) and throw up an app.

Also looking for some top notch players of other classes. Check our recruitment need for more info.
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Halion 25 Heroic down. Just had to recruit the right raid composition for this one. As soon as we did, he fell over like Calista Flockhart in a gust of wind. Recruitment open for Cataclysm. Give us your best shot.

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In the last few attempts of the 20% era, with everything on the line, we brought out our highest quality of play and finished off the expansion in a fantastic 2 hour session. We are quite possibly the 2nd sub-16 hour guild in the US to have killed this boss (correct me if I'm wrong). Well done!

The video will be coming soon.

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Just an update from the LK Heroic front: we have 2 groups that now have gotten Bane of the Fallen King, going on a 3rd. We are also happy with our LK 25 Heroic progress. We are recruiting at this time, but you must be able to step right into LK 25 Heroic attempts and execute perfectly.

The end of WotlK is near.
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We are happy to introduce our kill videos forum! This is where we will keep an archive of our kill videos. We may not always be able to post a first-kill video, but we will do so whenever possible.

We'll open things up with our PP 25 HM first kill and an Immortal Insanity 25 run.
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In the words of Woaden: "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCK YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [Hulk transformation noise]. IT FEELS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD." You do realize there is a 5% chance you will give yourself a stroke every time you yell like that?

And yet, I find myself in agreement, and partially deaf.

It took quite a bit of logistical as well as strategic work to make this happen, as this encounter calls for very specific group compositions - but when it was all...
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EDIT: As of 1 week later, make that 3 hours.

Brought to us care of the 15% buff, we cleared all 11 HMs in less than 4 hours, with some trials in tow who were doing the fights for the first time even.

We're still recruiting a select few for our LK 25 HM group as we as the long-term into the expansion. Oh, and we might have a pretty cool announcement tonight. Don't turn that dial.
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We have finished Glory of the ICC25 Raider tonight. We are still recruiting a select few for LK25 HM, as well as beyond that into Cataclysm.

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Down after 3 attempts. We're now 11/12HMs. LK HM, we're coming for you.
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Dead in 2 nights of attempts. Not a single person died in P3 on our kill shot, nicely done! This has been a packed week, with Putricide HM, Shadowmourne, and Sindragosa HM all within a few days of each other. LDW HM is going down shortly, and we will have good momentum going into LK HM.

A special congratulations to Khalloo cheers, who came into our raid with 2pc resto, 2pc enhancement, 2 fast daggers, and might just hold the record for being the most terribly geared person in the world...
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Kysersoze, the scholar of our guild, has gotten our raid's first Shadowmourne. Grats. (Although we still need to teach him how to enchant a weapon.)

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We had it at 4% last night and would have definitely killed it this week without an additional 5% buff...but we'll take it.

We are recruiting for LK25 HM, and server first "Light of Dawn." The remaining HMs will go down in short order without any changes in our roster. Look to the left if you have the competitiveness and determination to push for a high-ranked ICC HM clear.

Here's a video of our PP HM kill.

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Our Sindragosa 10 HM first kill, US #46.

And some of my old war medals, beating some BG9 Gladiators, including some folks from world ranked guilds.
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Happy St. Patrick's. We are looking for a select few highly skilled players who will make 90%+ of our raids during our final push through ICC HM. A big plus if you're not a delusional douchebag and know how to make friends. We have beer and cake.

Oh, and we expect a major progression kill fairly soon. cheers

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Arnold inspired us with numerous saved repair bills as we conquered the king of RNG. No screen shot for this one, just a youtube clip commemorating our absentee raid leader. Be sure to turn up the volume for dramatic effect.

Nowadays Arnold can be heard...
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US #10, World #32 Icecrown Raider Meta for Zephyr. Good work everybody. More screens soon.

Facial armor and an ear piercing distinguish this dragon from a Gladiator's Mount.

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The candy ass vampire queen goes down again, this time a bit more heroically. And no zone buff used /spit Blizzard.

Blade vs. Emo Vampire - achievement imminent

by Kenshone - Comments: 0 - Views: 440

We're now portal jockeys, and 4/12 HMs. No zone-wide buff used.

from left to right, top to bottom
Adraen, Woaden, Soulg, Clearlylol, Khantuz, Aodhan
Bojakk, Torminus, Pfgshammy, Myztikrice, Kyesrsoze, Kosinissa
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And let me be the first to facepalm. Our guild's position on this: we refuse to activate this buff to get a first kill of a boss, unless it is absolutely necessary for us. At most, we will use this buff for LK25 HM and maybe one more boss kill. Applicants be warned.

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Still recruiting a select few.
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We are still polishing our roster. Are you a talented gamer? Do you have mostly ICC level gear? With our practice this week, we fully anticipate to down a few HMs next week, and we still have 20 attempts left for Monday. As an applicant, you must be ready to jump straight into the fray without looking out of place, as well as cutting edge experience to know what this means. Check recruitment need to the left if you want to raid a schedule that is light on time but heavy on progression.
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After spawning defiles large enough to blanket the whole world, we conquered these nasty void zones and Arthas Easy Mode. Recruitment need to the left. HMs inc.

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We need one or two more players who know how to stay out of defile. If you cannot stay out of it 110% of the time, you should not waste time apping. Otherwise, please check our recruitment needs to the the left.
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We have first week kills of every boss so far. We have a respectable World Ranking, and HMs are coming up soon.

If you have the talent to conquer any HM out there...
If you want to kill the Lich King HM with a mature group of raiders...
If you don't want to spend half your waking hours raiding to do it...
If you're tired of being in a guild that you are constantly carrying...

Then post an app, or if we are not openly recruiting your class, get in touch with an officer. We will make room for exceptional trial applicants.

I also posted a
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Sindragosa [10] World #80 kill. Very Happy Not bad for a PST guild. One of our groups managed to get a kill earlier today after an unexpected "auto-pull." We anticipate a 25man kill soon.
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Got some achievements. Some of these were just as challenging as the limited attempts bosses themselves. Still US #48.

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Plot holes, what plot holes? No candy-ass vampire is going stop a raid of werewolves.

"Clean" kill. This is what happens when one person misses their vampire bite. Pretty unforgiving.
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1st week Tribute to Skill
2nd week Train a new add tank
3rd week Tribute to Insanity

Nice work.

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First week kill. 4 attempts remaining. Nice work, and hopefully a sign of things to come. We're LF a resto druid and affliction or meta warlock. These are core positions.

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Down after about 1.5 hours of work. Not going to be able to attempt Putricide until Thurs or Monday. Wish us luck on Insanity (25).
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We are alive and well after our transfer. We put the (avoidance) pieces together, trained our recruits, and produced a great kill. We are getting to Anub with 48-50 attempts, so we expect Mad Skill or even Insanity soon!
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We have successfully transferred our guild to Proudmoore.
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After much griefing (3 times), transferring our guild, and reconstituting our core, we have finally done it. Yogg25+0 down. Not a fluke, a very skilled and controlled kill. A screen shot can't capture all the work that's went into retiring from U25, one of the best instances, in our opinion, that Blizzard has ever made. Just one Crazy Cat Lady away from the full meta, and U25 is officially retired. Let's hope ICC is as epic!

by Kenshone - Comments: 0 - Views: 424

We killed Algalon25 in our first lockout. Not terribly hard, and a lot of fun. Got it on our last possible pull. Much thanks to Yeva, Echu, and Sandree.

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Our pally d/ced in the first 10 seconds and never got back online, and Subpar + Bugoy were trading d/c's the whole time. All in all, owned.

by Kenshone - Comments: 0 - Views: 413

After about 6 hours of attempts, we melted the anime pun. Good work on our first serious hard mode.

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