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 About Zephyr: Part 1

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PostSubject: About Zephyr: Part 1   Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:05 pm

Note: All DPS applicants must have ranked parses ready to present. If you do not meet this criterion, then PM me for approval first before you waste your time applying.

What We Are
We are a team of like-minded players, who are skilled yet humble, and strongly value our time! Many of us are working professionals or we have other responsibilities to take care of, but we still want to fit raiding into our life. If you value efficiency and have the skill to be among the best, then we are the guild for you.

Why Choose Us Over a Top 20 Guild?
Well, we raid way less than them.

Aside from that, assuming you are actually a Top 20 caliber player, how about the fact that you can make a difference here, rather than being a cog in some zerg machine?

Raid Times
7-10:30PM PST

7-10:30PM PST (server time)

Membership Qualifications
Attendance: 95%+ during progression.

Avoidable Deaths: Every avoidable death is potentially a wipe, which is potentially 10-20 minutes down the drain. That is 1/24 to 1/12 of a raid night. Now, we understand everyone has a lag spike once in a while, or drops their guard for a second at the wrong time, but if you are found repeating these mistakes, you will be benched and/or replaced. You will roughly be given an "allowance" of 1 avoidable death per 12 raid nights.

Complaining: We'd like for you to defy the nerd rager stereotype. If you are complaining about an issue that will not substantially improve our efficiency, then keep it to yourself, or PM an officer if it's really bothering you. Don't clutter vent or raid chat with pettiness. It's extra bad if your complaints are irrational, which is why we have a basic logic test in our application.

Respecting Hierarchy: We have a hierarchy in this guild. If you pass your trial, you are more than free to voice your opinions respectfully, in a time-efficient manner. But ultimately, we will make decisions that you may disagree with, whether they be tactical decisions regarding a particular boss, or loot distribution decisions. The choice is ultimately in the hands of the raid leaders, and you have to respect our choices.

Shitty Connection: If you're chain d/cing mid-raid, or your connection prevents you from raiding at an acceptable attendance level, you can expect to be benched/replaced.

Bonus Qualifications
Talk about these in your app, for good measure.

Guild or Raid Leadership Experience

Gladiator / Duelist Experience

Competitive Gaming Experience (CS, Starcraft, Smash Bros, Halo, etc.)

About Zephyr: Part 2
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About Zephyr: Part 1
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