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 WTB : Festergut/Rotface Blood for Shadow's Edge

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PostSubject: WTB : Festergut/Rotface Blood for Shadow's Edge   Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:23 pm

G'day fellas,

I'd like to inquire about purchasing the blood from festergut/rotface for my gnome warrior, he's just hit 80, only gear he has is whatever i could purchase via honor points (approximately 525k spent on honor as of now). Best available enchants and gems too. (I don't have any access to ARP gear so I ended up taking the arms pvp advise to gem str instead)

However, I also need to get his rep to friendly so I can get the quest for Shadow's Edge.

Do quote me a price for the blood and also getting my rep to friendly, iirc, just the 1st wing alone should get me to Friendly rep. At the moment, I have 6k available on Alliance side, if the cost is higher, do let me know, I'll have to transfer it from horde.

Rolled my gnome warrior Iakini to pvp on alliance side Very Happy

Might also be interested in perhaps Heroic Bryntrol or Heroic Cryptmaker too or 2 x Heroic Ramaladni's Blade of Culling.

I'm an oceania time based raider so I need to take time off work in order to make your US time raids. I should be able to make any of your raid times if given 24 hour notice

Looking forward to your reply.



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WTB : Festergut/Rotface Blood for Shadow's Edge
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