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 Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer

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PostSubject: Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer   Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer Icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 6:36 pm

A.My Toon

1. Armory link:

Me in my mp5 gear. I currently have about 3 different sets of Holy gear. From mp5\haste, to crit\haste to crit\mp5 although this is what I normally raid in. I switch gear out depending on the encounter.

2. What is my primary spec?
My Primary spec is HOLY!

3.Can you play a second and/or third spec at a high level? If so, what is your gear level for these specs?

I have a secondary spec of Prot. It is very well geared. All of my items are from icc25+ except one. I have tanked almost every encounter in the game currently. But, it is my offspec, I am not the greatest tank ever, but a nice backup.

4. Do you have any alts that you are willing and able to play at a very high level for progression? If so, link their armories and let us know the specs you have mastered.

I currently do not have any other max lvl characters. I tend to focus on my Paladin.

4a. If you do not currently have two raiding professions, are you prepared to respec your gathering profession if you are given a trial?

Of course. Currently I am Jewelcrafting\Mining. If it came down to it I would drop mining and go Blacksmithing for the extra sockets. That would be the best use of another stat boosting profession.

B.Game History

1. How long have you been playing? How many long breaks have you taken and why?

I started playing WoW soon after it was released. In that time I have only taken 2 break. Both were about 2 months length. The first break I took was in the middle of BC. The server I was on was going nowhere, I was only playing my Priest at the time so I was waiting for most of the other raiders on the server to catch up to where I was in terms of knowledge of future fights and gear.

The second break I took was just after my guild finished clearing Ulduar. They were not pushing hardmodes and I was dealing with a lot of my college school work. I thought it best to leave and finish out the semester without WoW.

2. What are the two most recent progression guilds you have been in? Why have you left them or are considering leaving them?

At the beginning of ToC me and some friends formed Humility. We progressed through TOGC25 and we were the server first to get Insanity. Going into Icecrown many people started to take breaks and quit. The guild completely fell apart after my 10m got our Drakes.

After Humility, I joined Righteous Dawn. It is currently the best raiding guild on our server. We progressed up to 11\12 H ICC25. And then, for reasons I know not, the leaders of the guild decided to halt all progression raiding. The guild began to fall apart. This is the reason I am applying to Zephyr. I want to finish this expansion strong, and roll into Cataclysm in a new home.

C. Theorycraft

1. Link your most impressive combat log parses. How did you maximize your performance on these fights?

These are currently the best Logs I can find. I have been raiding with a friends guild since my guild called a full stop to raiding more than a month ago. The WorldofLogs reports from my guilds last main raid have already expired -.-.

And to maximize my healing. Those are AoE dmg fights. I keep JoL up for the most part. Using FoL and HL where its needed to maximize my output while keeping my mana decent.

2.Link a screen shot of your UI with keybindings highly visible. How have you set up your UI to maximize your performance in raids?

This is my newly redone UI. Still debating and changing out what is going on with that blank space.

I have it set up like this because my Healing addon takes up that big space in the middle of everything. It is transparent, but my bars are not. I used another addon to resize my viewport so that I can effectively see my feet in a raid. I have a big mana bar that goes up the side of my healing UI to remind me about my mana. those smaller bars on the top i move around to fit them on top of my UI. They are my quick access buttons for my regen macro's , Div sac, and aura mastery. My keybinds are set up in a way that what i will be judging I will move to my 1 button. The rest stay the same.

3. How do you set yourself apart from other players of your class? Give us a detailed answer that shows us you truly understand the nuances of your class.

My goal as a holy Paladin is to keep people alive. I do a lot of theorycrafting on how to maximize my output with the least mana possible to achieve this goal. I have 3 totaly different sets of healing gear that I am constantly regeming to test what works the best.

Currently most of the ICC25 gear is not that great for Holy Paladins. Due to Divine plea and Divine Illimination(with 2pc tier10) we don't need to stack both regen stats( crit\mp5). Which most of the plate gear from ICC25 is crit\mp5. Mail gear is almost perfectly itemized for a Holy Paladin. Although there are the few pieces that are crit\haste that are not bad. And as far as the Holy Paladin set pieces, most of them are garbage. Shoulders and Helm are the only worthwhile pieces. The chest is decent but there are 2 better ones from H ICC25.

I wouldn't say I am a HL spammer or FoL spammer. I try to use the right tool for the job. FoL spamming may help deal with raid damage, but it may not keep a tank up( yay Beacon!). HL may use a lot of mana, but its output is really high. I try to use the right spell for the job. As I cast a spell, during that GCD I am already finding my next target to hit, and most of the time I am attempting to cast before my GCD is up. Or sometimes not casting due to it not being necessary and saving that mana.

I try to maximize my mana effectively while keeping up my healing. On long and difficult fights going OOM can really cause the raid to wipe. One of the ways I avoid going OOM is to usually stand in melee range, and judge often. Judging can proc the 4% mana return from Seal of Wisdom, as well as any melee attack. Standing in melee range allows me to hit the boss between casts and its a decent way at keeping my mana high. On some fights I can'd stand in melee range. That is where managing my mana comes into play even more.

( I can go on all day about Holy Paladins and theorycrafting.... I like having other Holy Paladins around so we can pick each others brains.

D. Your Technical Specs
1. What kind of internet connection do you have? (DSL, cable, etc
I am currently using a 1mb cable connection. I am the only one using this connection.[

2. How stable is your internet connection?
Very stable. Almost never have problems with it.

3. How stable is your computer?
Very stable. I actually just reformatted my computer and reinstalled WoW so I would not run into any problems in a new guild. And if any problems come up, I have a good laptop that has WoW installed on it with all my addons.

4. What kind of ping and FPS do you get in a 25man raid environment?
I usually average around a 98-130ms in 25m raids. And I average around 50+FPS in the most intensive 25m raid content.

My other computer averages the same ping. And frame rates average 35+FPS in current 25main raid content.

E. About You
1. Have you read the "About You" section in “About Zephyr: Part 1?” And are you able to meet most of the criteria? If not, why?
I can meet all the requirements. At the very least I can give a few days notice if I can not make a raid on time. I can respect the people that are ranked above me as well as their decisions. I am a nerd, but I have never raged against anyone. Most of the time I don't talk in vent. Very few times have I ever PM'ed an officer complaining about anything. Most of the time if I have a complaint about anything, it tends to big a big problem and I don't have to bring it up. I just kinda go with the flow.

1a. Do you meet any of the "Bonus Criteria" from "Applications: Part 1?"

I have Guild and Raid Leading experience.

2. Name
Timothy Griffin

3. Age, Location, & R/L Occupation:
22( 23 in Dec) , Louisiana. I am currently a college student.

4. Describe the last 2 times you screwed up in a raid, or played at a noticeably suboptimal level. How frequently do events like this occur?

The last time I royally screwed up was a really simple mistake. I logged on and jumped into my friends raid. I had been playing SC2 and neglecting my Paladin. We walked into RS and they started pulling trash...all they heard over vent was ..." Ohh shh...*tank dies* I'm still prot". I was supposed to be healing. I had neglected to make sure I was in the correct spec.

Before that I remember was right when RS came out. My 10m decided to give it a try. And for some reason I kept dieing. Turns out ,at that time, you couldn't bubble through Twilight Cutters. I have since never died to a twilight cutter.

I hardly make mistakes. When I do, I own up to it. It really helps to know content before you step into it too XD haha.

5. When and how often would you miss scheduled raid time? What is your availability outside of our 25man raid hours?

I can make any raid time. As a matter of fact, I can be on any time I am needed. Most of the day I am on SC2. I can be on early and be on after raids as well. I am in the Central Time zone. But I am a night owl. I tend to wake up late and stay up very late.

6. Give us a brief introduction to yourself.

Well my name is Tim. I am currently a college student. I have my Associate of Pre-Engineering degree. I am currently working towards my 4yr degree in both Computer and Electrical engineering. I am also messing with the idea of joining the US Air Force. It would pay most of my college back and allow me to finish my college for free. That's worth 4 yrs of hell.... I think...I hope. I tend to keep my grades up and do good at everything i put my mind to ( and not so good at things I don't.. heh). I play a lot of different video games. They tend to keep my mind occupied. I like reading hard core Sci-Fi books. And I hope to some day work in R&D for the Air Force. I try to offer my help wherever I can. Sometimes too much. And I am currently looking for a new home on World of Warcraft. As well as some new friends...cause most of mine left when my guild died Sad

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PostSubject: Re: Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer   Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer Icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 7:31 pm

Could you take a screen shot possibly in Alterac valley to display raid frames ect.

I seem to remember looking at your armory earlier(armory down) when we were talking on yahoo, and you were using the frost badge trinket in that gear set over the triumph badge INT trinket that most paladins use. And your other trinket being a solace. How come you choose to use that trinket over the other, or is that just part of one of your sets of gear?

Other then that, nice application and good luck. Others should be around to ask you questions at a later time.
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PostSubject: Re: Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer   Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer Icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 8:27 pm

I do actaully tend to use Heroic Solace with the Frost Badge trinket. I have been trying to get a normal Solace. I like these trinkets because of their regen. I have Heroic Ice sliver, but the regen on the Frost badge one is better.

And I also have a few different gear sets, yes. I have the Int trinket from badges, as well as the int trinket from Algalon. I use those when I am in my Int stacking gear.

Currently in my gear set I am maximizing my regen and spellpower. With a small focus on Int. Raid buffed in this gearset i sit just above 40k mana ( thats a nice easy number to do my math work for my regen theory crafting) I have a set that stacks Int as well.

After doing all the math on the regen. The Int trinket would offer me an extra 140mana per minute given 100% proc on seal with DP. Over that of using the Frost trinket with 100% proc on seal and DP. This is completely unbuffed. With Buffs it would be a little more.
So the differences would be like int trinket offer me about .6% crit, and ~140 mana per minute( extra 2145 starting mana). Frost trinket offers me 150sp over int trinket. But as the fight goes on, Frost trinket being on a 45sec internal CD over the course of a longer fights, when you cant use DP, you would net more Mana with the regen trinket. I REALLLLY want dual Solaces tho. for Regen.

And ... I think all my math is correct. I was going to type it in but it was getting really long XD haha. I was just comparing all my regen traits for the 2 trinkets.

But if needed I do have a set of just plain old Crit\haste gear. Stacked with Int. I hit 38.6k mana unbuffed, 1041 haste, 42% crit. Thats with Badge int trinket and heroic Solace.

And here is a screenshot from AV. Of how my raid UI looks in a huge raid. i need to move my class bar down tho... I just wanted to get a Screenshot haha.
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PostSubject: Re: Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer   Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer Icon_minitimeMon Aug 30, 2010 2:18 pm

Id look into switching mining ASAP.
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PostSubject: Re: Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer   Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer Icon_minitime

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Krucible, Holy Paladin, Transfer
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