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 Azgal, Prot Pally(Transfer)

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PostSubject: Azgal, Prot Pally(Transfer)   Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:26 am

A. Your Toon
1. Armory Link:

2. What is your primary spec?

3. Can you play a second and/or third spec at a high level? If so, what is your gear level for these specs?

Yes, regarding a secondary spec in the event that it's ret. Currently I'm rocking a set between 5900-6k for ret, and have some decent experience playing as ret. As far as holy, that's a no go. Gears not even at 5k, and I have nearly no experience healing minus healing a toc 10 and bloodboil at one point in bc.

4. Do you have any alts that you are willing and able to play at a very high level for progression? If so, link their armories and let us know the specs you have mastered.

I do have both a mage/dk, but neither are of adequate gear level nor am I good enough on them to make it warrant switching mains for.

4a. If you do not currently have two raiding professions, are you prepared to respec your gathering profession if you are given a trial?

Current professions are 450 bs/mining. Won't be a necessity to respec them, seeing as they're already optimal.

B. Game History
1. How long have you been playing? How many long breaks have you taken and why?

I started playing in December of 06, starting with my mage as a main. Got to around level 20 them stopped until I think it was february, then deleted the mage(stupidly) and rolled a dwarf pally as my main. I've taken probably 2 or 3 long breaks, one right before uld hit, one after getting 3/6 sunwell(pre 3.0.2, due to rl obligations conflicting w/ raid times) and another this year after getting 11/12 for about 5 months.
Only one that was due to not wanting to play anymore due to guild turmoil was this previous one in january, had issues with being sat on sindra/lk attempts after transferring for a full time spot. Hadn't been given a single attempt on lk and the excuse given to me was "dk's can pick up the adds easier" and again, didn't even give me a chance. Then on sindra, same excuse being that "dk's have more cd's" when the issue wasn't myself or the other tank dying, but dps/healers not doing their jobs. So obviously after paying 55$ for a transfer/fc that didn't fly. Uld was due to having gone casual since wrath hit and not being in a single "hardcore" guild, although we did have sarth 2d down at the time and were fairly close to downing 3d prior to uld. Didn't happen however.

2. What are the two most recent progression guilds you have been in? Why have you left them or are considering leaving them?

Most recent has been Cursed w/ awesome. I'm currently planning on leaving them due to the fact that they raid until 3 am, and I can't be up that late if I have classes at 9. You guys I believe only go until around 1:30(EST), so that's a bit better considering I dealt w/ going until 3 for a few weeks and that extra 1 1/2 hour will do a good deal. But also on top of that, they do loot through epgp which is the exact reason as to why I'm still sitting w/ no heroic tier pieces, people who sit bench and don't raid at all but simply get points through "backup" come into the raid and take loot that they didn't earn after 2 or 3 weeks of just sitting as backup and doing something else entirely. Also seeing as I joined in June, I had quite a bit of catching up to do with all other item slots that put me quite a bit behind as well.

Before that, it was obsidium. Guild I transfered to that sat me without reason(not due to lack of skill, but due to the dk that was supposed to have gone full time dps suddenly still wanting to tank after I transferred). I believe I was with them for about a month or so, and then apped elsewhere without notifying an officer(was planning on doing so, but the day I planned on it I was kicked prior to logging on and being able to). Didn't want to jump guilds that quickly, but it was merely meant to be a backup in the event I didn't get the being sat issue solved. Again, obviously I didn't even get that chance.

C. Theorycraft
1. Link your most impressive combat log parses. How did you maximize your performance on these fights? Note that if you are a DPSer without any ranked parses, you are very unlikely to be considered.

Can't provide one, was demoted to casual after notifying my guild of being unable to continue making their raid times and as such can't access the parses section of our forums. As a tank however I don't think this would be an issue hopefully.

2. Link a screen shot of your UI with keybindings highly visible. How have you set up your UI to maximize your performance in raids?
I try to keep things that aren't vital to raiding off my bars completely, and just try to make it as clean as possible. Isn't much I do other than that, really.

3. How do you set yourself apart from other players of your class? Give us a detailed answer that shows us you truly understand the nuances of your class.

Well as far as setting myself apart as a prot pally, there are a few things I try to do that I feel most others don't. First of all I have cleanse hot keyed, and help out with dispels when a necessity. Also I generally have a knack for knowing when to use holy sac, using it at a whim whenever raid seems to be in trouble. Pretty good at spot BoFing somebody as well if it's needed for whatever reason.
As far as straight tanking however, I try to be up to date w/ everything related to being a prot pally, whether that be spec, gear or enchants. Currently for example something I've been trying to figure out is holy powers implication for prot pallies, and also I'm planning on hopping on the ptr to relearn the intricacies of pally tanking because it seems to be changing quite a bit.

D. Your Technical Specs
1. What kind of internet connection do you have? (DSL, cable, etc.)

2. How stable is your internet connection?

Very, I've dc'd twice in the last 3+ months of raiding. Once due to just simple internet bugging out, and got back in in enough time to have not caused a wipe. The other being due to comcast dying and not being able to get in the rest of the night. As I found out the following day, multiple other people w/ comcast had the same issue so it wasn't exclusive to me.

3. How stable is your computer?

My computer is also very stable, however I just got my computer back after 4 months and I haven't raided yet since getting it back. Don't foresee it becoming an issue though, my computer has better spec's than the one I have been using.

4. What kind of ping and FPS do you get in a 25man raid environment?

Fps anywhere from 15-30 probably. Ping I couldn't tell you, don't pay attention to it. As I said latency has never been an issue, so haven't had reason to pay attention to it.

E. About You
1. Have you read the "About You" section in “About Zephyr: Part 1?” And are you able to meet most of the criteria? If not, why?

Yes to all of the criteria. Main thing for me is that your raid times are late enough to not interfere w/ what I have going on, and not too late so as to make me a zombie upon waking up and heading to my classes.

1a. Do you meet any of the "Bonus Criteria" from "Applications: Part 1?"

I did lead a guild about a year back for 3-4 months. Did ToC regularly and cleared through 6/12 before I apped elsewhere after we fell apart due to nobody showing up, and others slacking horribly. Wasn't an enjoyable experience, I'll tell you that much.
As far as competitive gaming, I see you have SC as an example. I'm currently of platinum rank(49) in 1v1. In 4's, I'm also of platinum rank(have only done random 4's though) Back in halo 3 at my peak I was at a rank of 49 in team slayer, and currently I've been playing reach like an addict, still not quite as good as I was at 3 however but starting to get my rhythm back. In MW(first one) I had a 2v2 team w/ a buddy of mine and we had 9 wins 1 loss on GB then we stopped playing. So as you can see, I have quite a bit of gaming experience outside of WoW.

2. Name

3. Age, Location, & R/L Occupation:
18, NH, Student atm, and currently trying to get a job delivering.

4. Describe the last 2 times you screwed up in a raid, or played at a noticeably suboptimal level. How frequently do events like this occur?

Only most recent fuck up of note was on a heroic lk attempt, I went brain dead and didn't notice that a shambling had repositioned behind me and got 1 shotted. Things like that never happen, was just a momentary mess up to which there really isn't an excuse other than me getting temporarily distracted.

5. When and how often would you miss scheduled raid time? What is your availability outside of our 25man raid hours?

If your raid times are strictly what I see, there shouldn't ever be a time in which I miss a raid. Can't foresee anything becoming an issue right now, except for maybe an unexpected emergency to which I won't be able to avoid because lets face it, shit happens.

6. Give us a brief introduction to yourself.

My name is Andrew, I'm 18 and currently living in NH. Outside of WoW the only hobbies of mine consist of working out and playing other games. I'm starting up BJJ/Boxing again soon after 2 months of having to stop due to getting a staff infection, which should be fun. Also, other games I play primarily as listed above are Halo:Reach and SC2 are some time consumers. Other than that, I'm currently attending community college(planning on transferring to a university at the end of the year). On top of that, again as I said above I'm trying to get a weekend delivery job right now.
As far as character related issues, I can explain a few. As stated due to my guilds use of epgp, I have been behind many people even with perfect attendance as far as priority on heroic tier pieces. Also, my weapon(yes, it's horrible) has yet to see an upgrade due to both heroic last word, and mithrios(normal) not wanting to drop a single time over 3 months. The enchant is currently blade ward, which I've had since january and was planning on getting mongoose soon as I replaced the weapon. Also some off pieces such as boots/trinkets have also not dropped a single time.
That about sums it up, hope to hear back soon. If possible, I'd like to have a verdict by Monday so I can get a transfer through asap if all goes well. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Azgal, Prot Pally(Transfer)   Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:24 am

We are no longer recruiting for 25man raids. Check our portal page. Good luck.

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Azgal, Prot Pally(Transfer)
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