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 About Zephyr: Part 2

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PostSubject: About Zephyr: Part 2   Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:04 pm

We do not recruit for the bench
From the very first week, expect to be brought into HMs, and expect to be assigned to a difficult assignment or two. We want to see off the bat if you can carry your weight. We understand that it can be difficult to change guilds. You can rest assured that if you pass the trial, you will be seeing bosses die, as long as you are performing well.

About Your Raid Leader
Extremely Competitive: 4-time Gladiator, held #1 position on BG9 arenas; #1 in two Warcraft III ladders simultaneously

Intelligent and Rational: I graduated from a US Top 5 Liberal Arts College, and always pulled off good marks in high level logic-based courses without much effort. I respect this sort of intelligence, and know that when it is combined with a winner's mentality, a great WoW player will result.

Independent Thinker: I understand the rules and am adept at finding their exceptions.

Open-minded: I am open to your intelligent and respectfully phrased contributions to our strategies.

About Proudmoore, Our Server
-Located on BG9
-High population
-Minimal lag issues, outside of a content patch night.
-Consistently ranked in the top 10 by WoWprogress for all servers, and usually the #1 PvE server

Guild Subsidies
We will turn on the guild repairs when we are undergoing stressful progression. We also enchant any gear that you earn with us, that you are likely to use during progression.

We will convert to a loot council system for Cataclysm. Loot will be awarded based on these criterion, in order of importance:

1) attendance
2) skill - measured first in wipes caused, second in performance on meters or consistency of keeping one's assignment alive
3) attitude - the more you piss off your teammtes, the less loot you get

Private Applications
If you would like to submit your app privately, PM me through the forums. I typically check my inbox a few times per day.

Guild Application
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About Zephyr: Part 2
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